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Mark Griffin - DRUMS
Mark began playing at a young age and quickly showed promise as a drummer, playing/jamming with many people and bands locally gaining experience all the way it wasn't long before people noticed he was becoming a top local drummer playing in local bands like CashCrop, Sackful of Sovereigns, Karizma, The Cary Grace Band and also the Bristol band JetKing.

Mark has been a long time friend of Rays and was 'dragged' on board for a few gigs to complete the original line up in 2007 and to record 'The Right Way' album, and he's still here!!!!

Mark Griffin



Ray Jones started his career at the age of fifteen playing rhythm guitar in local Rock groups.
Till around the age of twenty he toured abroad with a band contracted to the renowned Mecca
International Agency. During this period his first experience in a recording studio came along,
where he started to co-write some of the groups material. 1977 saw the forming of 'RAVEN'
also through this time Ray was asked to guest spot with the famous local Rock group
'PUBLIC NUISANCE'. In the early 80's Ray formed 'RHYDER' with ex 'ANGEL WITCH'
drummer Steve Coleman.

The band auditioned for VIRGIN RECORDS but alas the time was not right for heavy rock bands.
1988 saw Ray covering for GEOFF WHITEHORN in the band 'NO HIDING PLACE' after
which odd gigs came in with members of the bands ATOMIC ROOSTER and MOTT the HOOPLE.

After relocating to the South West in the 90's Ray found himself performing as a popular professional
Solo Artist playing several nights a week for the next fifteen years before the formation of



Paul Farrant BASS/VOCALS
Band Member Between 2012 - 2014 then Rejoined 2016

2012 Paul joined RJB with the band pushing on with mega amouts of gigs that were booking in, and hit the floor strumming!
Bringing some songs and great vocals to the table Paul fitted the RJB Bass seat well and we all gig'd and gig'd...
2013 Saw the release of "ere's a live one for you" a live album which you can hear Paul and his Ricky bass on.
2014 Sadly saw Paul moving on for other bands/music..
2016 After a spell of covering/helping out the band while looking for a new bass player Paul has jumped both feet back into the band full time!




Billy Colvin


Billy Colvin
Originally a massive part of the Scottish Rock/NWOHM scene with bands such as Necromancer and Garbo.
Billy is a top session bass player that has been in the South West for a long time now and long standing bass player locally of The Sneakers. Billy is always playing in some great local bands and if not, he's teaching!

RJB have been lucky to call on Bill to stand in/Dep over the years for the odd gig. Always happy to help out and drive our 3 peice on, you'll often see him playing/singing and helping us out from time to time!



Roger Marsh
We've know Roger for a few years on the local music scene, great Bass Player and now good friend of the band.
He's helped us out on numerous occations! And always good fun/tight night.
You can catch Roger holding down the low notes in many local bands as well as high end function and tribute shows!


Roger Marsh  


Máté Szabó - BASS/VOCALS Band Member Between 2014 - 2016
RJB were very lucky to have Máté on board with them!
A through and through musician, playing double bass or Bass guitar he's cut his teeth with bands and music in his country of Hungary. Then after 10 years of gigging daily in Spain he finds himself in the UK, out and about with The Ray Jones Band from October 2014.
March 2016 See's Máté leave the band.




Graham Hill BASS/VOCALS Band Member Between 2008 - Feb2012
Ray refers to this as my ‘obituary’ which is a bit scary. After three years and about a million gigs
I’ve got to leave the band for reasons beyond my control, mostly linked with my wife’s health.
It’s been a full and instructive time for me, especially going back to bass for the first time in over
20 years. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the band over my time especially
the many bike clubs we’ve met along the way (cheers Trev) It’s been awkward over the past few
months not being able to say goodbye and thanks to people that we’ve known for a while,
but I didn’t want to destabilise the band, I hope that you’ll all understand that.

It’s a good time for the band with a full gig list for the year, and I hope to see some old friends
when I come out to see the boys in future (but not for a couple of months). I would like to wish
both Ray and Mark the best of luck for the future and also to Paul now in the Bass seat
(now I’m not the new boy) you’ve got my number if you need it!?
(Just remember that you’ll need a Galaxy and a Thunderbird to go with the Trace).
Keep rocking and good luck with the new album!! - Graham - 25/2/12

Graham Hill



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